i’ve heard people say that les amis are the first boyband in history but have you ever seen romeo benvolio and mercutio from the italian musical



i mean look at those smooth coordinated fucks


Okay guys now we look like bunch of weirdos with crazy teeth fetish

There aint no cover like a bastille cover
― Ancient proverb (via theoneofheavenlyfire)

(Fonte: heirofthedoctor)


Was that them walking out of the bad blood era?




this fandom has such a weird obsession with specific body parts of dan’s….like first it was his hair….then his eyes for a while, then his aRMpITS!! & arms and now …..his teeth

imagine if he goes shirtless and we all get obsessed with his nipples omg

that will be the dream life

if someone cared new bad_news  video

But i think it will be a lyric video

Daniel smith also know as the most ankward bastard idiot who can make you cry in one little stupid tweet. Dan i hate you

I actually need air now